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This is Shaun the Sheep hunt part 1


Shaun’s today: 17 (+3 from another day)
Shaun’s in total: 20/50

Here are our photos from London’s latest trail – Shaun in the city.  In all 120 Shaun the Sheep statues have been created to raise money for a children’s charity and 50 are located in London (the rest are in Bristol). We’ve ticked off 20 of them so far.  We have until May 25th to finish the Trail.  So far my favourite is one located in Covent Garden – painted to look like a bus.  I took several photos of it as it was so good. Emma like the “Candy Baa”.

The map – ‘X’ marks those we’ve seen

map1 Map2

31st March 2015

Shaun’s today: 3 (2 at the Tower of London…photos in Shaun part 3)
Shaun’s in total: 3/50

2015-03-31 13

20th April 2015 – Shirley trail in the morning, and Timmy’s trail in the afternoon

Shaun’s today: 17
Shaun’s in total: 20/50