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This is Bristol Shaun the Sheep hunt part 4

Shaun’s today: 15
Shaun’s in Bristol total: 63/70
Shaun’s overall: 113/120

The rain stayed away today which was a bonus for us as most of our hunt was on foot – just moving the car once to a second parking location.  We began bright and early again this morning and started and completed the Temple trail. Highlight for everyone today was The Bristol Express Shaun, with his bridge legs and lovely art work.  On his mate, also at the station Emma found a secret message under Shaun’s belly, which excited her.  Again we met many Shaun hunters, some of whom were following our same route, so a race between us ensued for a few Shauns.   Emma and Sam like Bingo this morning which was colourful and covered in numbers. Overall for me it was the scenery of the Quays that stood out rather than the Shaun’s themselves today.   I really enjoyed the gorgeous ruin of Temple Church.  The dark cloud set the ruin out from the sky making for some pretty pictures.


After a refuel at the lovely Cafe Gusto we ticked off 3 more Shauns from the Harbourside trail.  Shaun Bean was a mirrored sheep and quite effective, but also with a reasonable queue so we had to be quick here.  The Pirate Captain had a lot of work to him and was also a highlight of the day. After viewing The Pirate Captain we were invited onto a docked sailing ship.  The kids enjoyed clambering up to the higher decks and playing at being captain themselves.  There were a lot of ropes!!!


Due to some cunning car parking we could head back to the car from here with only a short walk, and along the way we found a bonus Shaun on a boat.  This was not an official Shaun or part of the trail, but a local child told us he was included in last year’s Gromit trail.  Emma called him Mermaid Shaun.


Our final stop for the day was the other end of the Harbourside trail to tick off the final 3 Shaun’s in the main trails of the city.  I loved the play on words with Jarsberry Ram.  Emma’s face in our final Shaun kind of summed up everyone’s feelings.  This was outside Aardman Animation Studio, which had some great stuff in it but they weren’t letting people in so we just had to make do peering through the window.  I saw a life sized model of good old Morph from my childhood.

As we have covered a fair few miles through Bristol we’ve got to know it quite well and have enjoyed the colourful housing styles in several different areas across the city.  I was pleased to have the opportunity to photograph a small portion of this from across the harbour today.

I gave the children the afternoon off and took them to a super playground, where they ignored most of the standard stuff and made do with the amazing natural rock and forest area.  I was roped into the game too so we all got our exercise today.

7 to go tomorrow which are all in the car and we’re done.  Phew!