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This is Shaun the Sheep hunt part 4

Shaun’s today: 3
Shaun’s in total: 50/50

Lost Shaun the sheep

Today’s goal – the last 3 lost sheep (48,49 & 50), and the added pressure that today was the last day the sheep were in London.  Due to the fact these sheep were lost they were spread far apart.  Luckily at lease two were close together at Canary Wharf.  Today was also our first rainy hunt but the kids didn’t mind.  Golden Fleece was really impressive so shiney.  Emma really loved “Hello Kitty Shaun” of course.  Our final sheep was quite fittingly one of the grandest…Queen Eliza-baa-th II (I borrowed this name from another Shaun the sheep blogger), with a lovely view of Buckingham Palace in the background.  We had to walk 20 mins to see this one so glad it lived up to our expectations.  Emma and Sam were ecstatic when we finally got to this one.  The photo shoot was filled with cries of “We found them all”….much to the amusement of the other Shaun hunters waiting for their photo.  We got a few congratulations and even meet some hunters from Bristol – which is where in July another 70 different Shaun’s will appear.  Yes I think a trip to Bristol is definitely in order as we have well and truly caught the bug.