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This is Bristol Shaun the Sheep hunt part 2

Shaun’s today: 17
Shaun’s in Bristol total: 24/70
Shaun’s overall: 74/120


Big day Shaun hunting today.  We attacked the Old City trail first and with only a few misreads of the map found all 10 Shauns by lunchtime.  Not a moment too soon probably.  Luckily lunch took place at a lovely playground.  Highlights of this trail and maybe the entire hunting – Woolly Wonderland.  The entire sheep was covered in an elaborate Woolly jumper that took 500 hours to make.  No wonder it’s the only Shaun we’ve seen fenced off. This was Grandma’s favourite for the day. We also visited the Wallet & Gromit Charity store to spend a bit of pocket money.  Emma got a Shaun that wiggles it’s tail when you pull it and Sam got another set of beloved Top Trumps.



Emma’s favourite was Maisy & friends, but it was so busy we didn’t get a chance to have a good look at this one.  My favourite was the play on words Shaun on the cob, I particularly liked the Cauliflower head and spring onion legs. Sam liked Bagpuss best – which was rather sweet.

We also discoved a lovely lane known as the Christmas steps.  The photo didn’t do it justice.

After lunch we continued the hunt – and with the help of the car we completed the 7km Downs trail. Shaun of the Jungle was the highlight of this trail.  It was full of detail.