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This is Bristol Shaun the Sheep hunt part 5

Shaun’s today: 7
Shaun’s in Bristol total: 70/70
Shaun’s overall: 120/120

Our last day of Shaun hunting!  We had the final 7 Shauns from the Sheep drive trail to tick off.  This was a driving trail which suited us as everyone had pretty sore feet by now. Our first stop was The Mall at Cribbs Causeway, which is also home to the Official Shaun the Sheep trail shop.  We got to get up close and personal with a Gromit from last years trail.  In addition there was a display of Shauns created by the local schools.  Some of them were so clever – Sam was quite taken with Sea Shaun (Mummy it’s like Sea Shore!).  We loved all 3 Shauns here.  Fab-ewe-lous had a few jokes written on it, Bee-dazzled had sparkly sequins, and Shrek Shaun was also pretty cool. He was in the store itself.


Our next stop was Bristol Parkway station.  The downside of 6 year old sat nav meant this Shaun was tricky to find as roads had been blocked off and totally re-worked, so every turn I needed to take wasn’t available to me.  Cue frustration and an extra 15 mins driving time, but finally with the help of google we got there.  Starstruck was bright and fun.


Snuff Mill Park was a gorgeous setting and would have been lovely for a picnic and a play but we were on a mission so we didn’t linger for long.  We did see a lovely waterfall and Emma thought there was also a beaver dam.  I’m not sure if beavers live in the wild here, but it did look a bit like one.

A short distance away we found Melonie in Staple hill leaving us only one more to find.  Just before we got there, we spotted a Gromit in the wild.  And then it was onto Warmley Waiting room (now a cafe) for our last Shaun.  I almost didn’t want to find it as it meant the end of our hunting mission.  Buddleia was absolutely lovely and worthy of being our last Shaun.

So that’s it!  We all felt really proud of ourselves.  I think the kids and Grandma did fantastically well and we hardly had any mutinies during the whole entire hunt.   Overall Sam’s favourite was Rex.  Emma had several favourites, The Queen and Candy Baa from London trail and from Bristol – The unicorn, Fab-ewe-lous (the ice-cream one), Bee-dazzled, the Arthur one, Shrek Shaun, Bingo and the Donut one (Star Bake).  After quite a lot of deliberation, Grandma decided on The Bristol Express as her favourite, with the Woolly wonderland a close second. For me I was really impressed with the Woolly wonderland Shaun, covered entirely in a knitted/ crocheted skin. From London I think Another rides the bus was great.