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This is Bristol Shaun the Sheep hunt part 1

Shaun’s today: 7
Shaun’s in Bristol total: 7/70
Shaun’s overall: 57/120

Yay we are back hunting the famous sheep again – in his own home town no less.  With 70 in Bristol I’m not sure we’ll complete them all but we made a good start today.  We are staying in the lovely Clifton area and have a view of the spectacular suspension bridge.  We were lucky enough to walk over that today during our hunt.  Gorgeous gorge views.  It’s really lovely.

We have a new hunter on board – go Grandma!  Kids seemed pleased to see Shaun again, and we could even see one from our front door which excited everyone (probably me the most!).

The Brunel trail was at out our front door so it seemed like a good one to shake the cobwebs from our car trip from London.




Stay tuned – it’s a week of Shaun photo’s ahead.