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So Gavin went to golf and I got a bit bored, and voila – pool noodle horses. I had “pinned” a few hobby horse ideas over the past year, but this one by Mrs King’s Music class looked do-able super quick.

Off to the £1 store and 2 pool noodles purchased, the making began and finished about 10 mins later for horse number one, even quicker for horse number 2.

The instructions are fairly simple. I measured Emma and Sam to find the height and how much to fold over. Then use duct tape to secure  the folded part.  I hot glued on eye’s, cut felt ears, that tucked through the top of the top and a mane (which I cut waves into and a fringe), which were also hot glued on.  My hot glue gun is not the hottest so I had no disaster with dissolving foam, but you probably should consider how hot your glue gun is if you make one yourself.  Finally I glued on some reins.

Sam’s horse has a muzzle type thing at his request…I think he liked the sparkly blue…

High ho silver (or little blue as Sam calls his one).