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Today was a special day – the last day of nursery.  Where has time gone?  Emma and Sam have had a great year and a half at Milkshake Montessori with some super teachers.  They really have been very lucky with teachers who looked to extend them with things they were already good at and also improving areas where they hadn’t developed so quickly.

I managed to keep it together just – a tear in my eye just before dropping them off for the last time, and another hugging their head teacher goodbye.  Both Emma and Sam seemed to be aware of the significance too and were excited and sad.  They made the most of their little graduation ceremony.

Here are my little nursery graduates! Compared to their first day – 12th January 2012.

Emma’s first teacher was Geraldine, head of the school and absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately she moved on in January this year and for the past 2 terms Emma’s teacher has been Cat.

Sam with his first teacher Avnette, who left in September (but was back for the party). Sam’s second teacher at Milkshake was Kitty, who has been so understanding, gentle and nurturing with Sam which has really boosted his confidence. Kitty went on holiday early this year, so Sam also had a picture with Cat.

Emma with her best friend Saffron and Sam busy at play