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On Wednesday, I decided we should walk to a village called Sinarades, nearby our hotel. I had seen the sign for the walking path so assumed it was possible to walk there. We should of guessed that it would be a mountain climbing exercise due to our surroundings but at the hottest part of the day I guess we weren’t thinking that clearly.

The first part of the walk was reasonable but after a wrong turn we ended up back on the beach rather than inland to the village. The beach was deserted, not surprisingly after the steep path we had climbed down. So after a rest we climbed back up and find the right track which took us in a zig zag manner up the mountain. It took about 20 minutes of climbing before seeing a welcome site.

I bet the cafe at the top of the hill does very well in the water selling stakes. Luckily the village was now only a few minutes down (hooray down) the road. We enjoyed a leisurely lunch in a very sleepy town. The streets were more like little tracks up the hill, and there seemed to be only one road for cars through the town. Neither of us were keen for the return hike so we took a taxi home to get ready for our first paid for tour.

Tour one was out for a night of Greek food and dancing. We piled on the bus and after a forty minute drive arrived in Korakiana. Unfortunately we ended up being seated at the back, but I guess the view wasn’t too bad. It reminded me of a cabaret show in the way we were seated around the stage.

The food was good as was the company of another young couple who were seated opposite us. While I enjoyed all the dancing I think the Mandolin player was the best. People were asked to join in at two stages during the night and it was a lot of fun, and a lot more professional than Tuesday night.