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Again another freezing day awaited us as we found a great breakfast spot.  The Taylor Coffee shop.  I had the southern scramble – a very interesting scrambled egss with guacamole, bacon bits and kidney beans.  It tasted great but it was green!

A miserable day needs one thing – shopping! and too my delight I’d seen that Macy’s was having a one day sale just for me! First of all we went to the Westfield mall.  Massive – and they had curved escalators which were really cool to ride.

After cleaning out the Westfield mall we wandered past the turning bay (at the bottom of Powell St adjoining Market St) for the cable cars and watched them turn one, very slick. It’s as you would expect a 360 degrees rotating track. There was a huge queue so a ride would have to wait.

Macy’s wouldn’t however, so we headed up to Union square and passed the time buying me work clothes – so much easier for me to shop in the states it’s dangerous.  After finding Macy’s mens store and Gavin getting in on the shopping action we went Ghirardelli’s chocolate shop.

These shop owners are not dumb – they hand you a delicious piece of chocolate as you walk in and I’d challenge anyone to eat this and then to walk out without buying any more.

There is more to this than just a chocolate shop though   – Domingo Ghirardelli began this store in the mid 1800’s during the gold rush to entice the newly rich miners to spend their money with him. So after 150 years you’d expect nothing less than perfect chocolate.

I was frozen by then so we found another bar and again it was the bottom of the eight Yankees v Boston – and I might add the same result – Yankees loosing.  The bar was Johnny Foley’s Irish House and had partitions that almost turned parts into separate rooms.  It was quite authentic.  I can recommend the garlic fries too!

Before dinner we decided to drop off our shopping and take a sneaky 1 hour nap…hmmm four hours later I was still asleep and we never made it out to dinner.  Downside is it’s now 4am and I’m typing this!  Tomorrow’s going to be fun!