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Butterfly peg jellybean treat

Decorated by Emma and Sam

I saw these on Pinterest but like every great idea pinned it can be hard to find good UK products to reproduce them.  So here’s what I used to make my peg butterfly treats.

Supplies you need

  1. Wooden pegs – large size, I used 90mm SupaHome Wooden Clothes Pegs Pack Of 36
  2. 5 x 5 Cellophane Bags 50 Pack’ – These were perfect size
  3. 100pk Multi Coloured Pipe Cleaners
  4. Googley eyes – 7mm
  5. Sparkley jewels
  6. Jellybeans – we used 5 200g bags from Tesco’s.  There were approx 40 jellybeans in each bag.

How to

  1. Paint the pegs
  2. Stick on eyes
  3. Decorate peg with sparkley jewels
  4. Add 20 jellybeans to the bag
  5. Peg the bag
  6. Add a further 20 jellybeans to the bag and seal
  7. Add in pipecleaners

Very easy – and the kids can do quite a lot of it themselves.  You could add Cheerios instead of jellybeans to make it a healthy treat.