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We awoke to another scorching day and decided to take a city tour to see the sights. We saw many beautiful buildings, including some modern architecture, such as the European Economic Centre and older buildings such as the Courts. The first photo shows the modern business district. No we’re not in China again, although this is the Chinese Pavilion. It was relocated from an exhibition in Paris, in 1900.

Our tour continued and we learnt how lace was made. It looks really neat, but very tricky. I loved all the lace shops. We returned to the hotel and I had a nap while Gavin watched the Grand Prix. We were both so tired from the heat.

I had to visit the chocolate and cocoa museum but it turned out to be a bit of a rip off. There were a few boards that explained the process and a few moulds on display. We were allowed to taste some that was poured onto a biscuit. I guess that made up for it.

A late lunch meant that I experienced one of the best taste sensations ever. Waffles with ice cream and chocolate. Yum Yum. We later enjoyed another beer in the Grand Place and heard more jazz. Unfortunately it started raining and so we picked an indoor restaurant for dinner. The menu was in French and I was doing my best to interpret it (about 15 mins) when the waiter offered us a menu in English. I decided my French wasn’t that good after all?