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We had such a lovely holiday..Cephalonia is a beautiful Greek island, prettier than Corfu I thought.

We arrived on Sunday 14th Sept, to sunshine despite the weather forecast suggesting thunderstorms. In fact this was the forecast for the whole week we were going to be there so I was pleased to see our room was large and comfortable and we had a sheltered balcony with 2 chairs and a table. I’d brought the cards in preparation. We also had a welcome basket of a bottle of local wine – Robola, feta cheeses, tomatoes (best I’ve ever had) fruit and bread. So that was lunch (well not the wine, we had that on Monday night)

However despite the gloomy outlook we had 15 mins of rain on Tuesday and perfect sunny weather the rest of the time.

There were about 15 rooms at our hotel, so nice and small and personal. Our balcony overlooked the mountains and bay – although it was a 20 min walk to that beach. We spent Sunday afternoon relaxing by the pool.

In the evening we strolled 20 minutes the wrong direction towards where we thought the town was, only to be rescued by 2 other people who told us we were on the way to the coast.

On turning around we found the town was only 10 minutes up the hill from our hotel, but they took another road and we still beat them to the taverna.

So much for buying my Greek phrase book, we were staying in a fairly remote village with only 2 tavernas and a mini market, no other shops yet everyone we came across spoke good English, and menus were printed in both languages. Food was good at both restaurants and we had plenty of opportunity to try local dishes and ordinary food as well.