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After being trapped in England for over a year we finally escaped to the Greek island of Corfu for seven days of sun, sun, sun.

At such short notice a package tour seemed like the easiest idea. We were keen to not do the Manchester by the sea deal so we choose Thompson Gold, which is a package for couples only. Flight times were hideous but that’s what you get for booking a month in advance.

6am on Saturday morning and we were just getting to bed in our lovely air conditioned room. We had to be a breakfast before 10am as we had our welcome meeting. And what a welcome. It was really just a run down of all the extra tours we could purchase during our stay. Tracey the tourist reared her ugly head at the mention of tours, but this was supposed to be a relaxing holiday and with 33 degree temperatures plus the idea of sitting in a bus all day was enough to tame the beast and as a result we only booked two tours instead of the recommended ten in seven days that Tracey the tourist was gunning for.

Rugby calling we ventured into Corfu town to find a pub playing the deciding game of the Lions test, with little luck I might add. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so hot. Corfu town is divided into the new and old town, and actually has an intact new and old fort. The streets are amazingly tiny and old and really cool. Luckily they are living in the 21 century and we found an Internet cafe to see the result of the game.

We had lunch on the Liston (just a fancy name for a tree lined area), and for lunchtime entertainment we got to see a cricket game. It’s a reminder that Corfu was yet another English colony for a while. In fact Price Phillip was born here. We caught the bus back to Agios Gordios and I again enjoyed the lovely scenery and the three point turns the bus needed to make to negotiate the tiny mountain roads. The island is the most green of all Greek islands despite October being the only month of rain.