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Up earlyish on Thursday we drove around the bottom of the island, a lovely coastal road. A lot of the driving reminded me of the coromandel in terms of windiness. We found what we considered to be a real beach and spent some time swimming there.

The water is so clear that even when you’re up to your waist you can see your feet. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not as I got scared of all the fish swimming around my legs. They’re a curious lot and don’t seem to care that I’m a lot bigger than them.

We dried off in the sun then continued to Skala for lunch. Skala is a bit like Pauanui with the pine trees leading up to the beach.

There was an old roman ruin with mosaics on the floor that we visited for free. The beach was crowded as Skala is the second largest resort. There were many choices for lunch, a whole street full. We briefly looked at the shops then continued to drive up the east coast.

We went through a port village Poros that had a beautiful bay, and then we turned away from the coast and drove through the mountains to Sami.

This is another port town but one of the bigger towns on the island. It was lovely just sitting at the harbour watching the activity and looking across to the mountains.

Close by is Antisamos the beach that was used in Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. It’s a white pebble beach, very comfortable once you get settled in. It was nearly 6pm so it was a bit cold for a swim, but lovely to sit and watch what was going on around.

Gavin amused himself, and me with his pebble skimming ability.

It didn’t look far to follow the east coast up to Agios Efemea where the cast of the movie used to eat regularly. It was set in a u shaped bay and some lovely yachts were moored up. The sun set as we enjoyed a drink. The cafe the stars ate at has been renamed to Captain Corellis but didn’t look that good so we went to another taverna up the road.

It was dark for our journey home back through the mountains. There aren’t that many roads on the island, but often they aren’t sign posted or they are but only from one way so you have to slow down and look back – still we did very well and got back without getting lost at all. We also got to see the castle lit up which was an awesome sight.